Grow your sales

Drive growth in your organisation through customised workshops and training sessions followed by high performance coaching to ensure your team realises their true potential and achieves results.

Focus areas

Our high performance coaching is designed to help you achieve the best results in your sales career. Sell Smarter’s comprehensive training allows you to master six focus areas. 

Excellent customer experience

Growth mind-set

Improved results

Company culture

Profit growth

High Performance

If I were to choose between a bag of money or a course on how to sell, I would choose a course on how to be good at selling.

Themba Nkuna, FOUNDER

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make your work easier and faster!

what you can expect

Grow sales

Tested methods to grow sales


Positive energy to inspire teams to stay motivated


Focus on High Performance to deliver results


Practical sales strategies


Alignment with company values and mission


Ensure individuals realise their true potential to drive growth and achieve results


Get better results now!

Hire a high performance Sales coach with extensive knowledge and experience on new business development, customer experience and effective sales strategies with a focus on multiple industries.

Pricing for sell smarter services


keynote speaking
R35 000
Sales training facilitation
R45 000
Coaching Session
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We want to develop a generation of people who will get things done despite the circumstances.

learn how to sell video resources

sell smarter with themba

Selling during challenging times

Sales is the Best Career

Is personal development expensive?

The 10 Keys to Succesful Prospecting

The true meaning of success is finding yourself

The more you LEARN the more you EARN

learn more, earn more

You couldn't be in better hands

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